1473822880_user Sheala Browning 1473822880_user Brandon McMillon
1473823241_untitled-2-37 09/02/2016 We’ve used Luna Brothers Painting for over 10 years for complete exterior and interior painting for both office building and residence. They are consistently top professionals, very polite and personable. 1473823241_untitled-2-37 09/02/2016 First experience was so good that I’ve used 2 more times since, and 1 neighbor and 1 friend have used them as well. I’ve always gotten very fair estimates, they’ve been very professional (both sales & crew), and have worked quickly. Some of the walls had significant damage to them, and everything was patched and perfect before they painted, which makes it look like a new room. Very impressed and a loyal customer.
1473822880_user Gerald Tolleson 1473822880_user William Draper
1473823241_untitled-2-37 09/01/2016 Competitive Rates, Excellent Wood Repair, STICKS TO SCHEDULE, VERY GOOD PAINTING, WANTS U TO BE HAPPY WITH THE FINISHED PRODUCT 1473823241_untitled-2-37 09/01/2016 I’ve used Luna Bros several times for painting house inside and out. They do exceptional work and are extremely reliable.
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